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    Your Happiness & Health Ambassador

  • Health & Wellness Path

    Your Soul deserves to dwell within a healthy and sound body...

    It is your soul's birthright to live freely in a body that supports your wellness and joy. The tools to activate and enhance these blessings are within everyone. There are several approaches to healing oneself such as healing with water, through eating live-foods, through inspiration, through breathing and meditation and many, many others. My favorite is Fitness - YEZ! Fitness is the easiest way to receive healing on so many levels...There are many, many tools out there to assist people in achieving their desired body modification...but everything isn't for everyone because everything doesn't work for everyone...I like to help people achieve their dream weight from their Soul's Point of View...that way you'll be confident and secure, empowered.

    Beauty & Power Coaching

    The #WhatIsBeautyMovement is sweeping the nation one beautiful spirit at a time...

    What Is Beauty? This simple yet profound question is posed to 29 authors in the new, hot book that SHATTERS popular standards of beauty to reveal the beauty of the SOUL... Each author (of the book and hence the movement) answers the question from their unique perspective. The intention of the

    What Is Beauty?

    Book, Calendar and Movement is to discover, experience and express your unique beauty... beauty from within, not according to society's popular notions. YOU GET TO DEFINE BEAUTY FOR YOURSELF. This helpful book full of useful tools along with engagement with this beautiful community and beauty coaching with me will easily activate your own unique expression of beauty and awaken The Beautiful You you didn't even know existed. Personal Coaching Sessions and much, much more!

    90 Day Commitment is required!


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    Fitness & Weight Management Coaching

    Your Health is Your Wealth for so many reasons!

    ...includes a Daily Energy and Body Toning Workout Routine, Diet Modification, Detox and Weight Management plan using premier products from PurelyWakaya.com ( included in the coaching package fee), Access to a Secret Fitness Facebook Group, Free Wealth Creation Coaching & Support from well-known leaders and much, much more!

    Together we will construct a plan that is practical and beneficial for whatever your life is asking of you right now. You deserve a healthy physical body housing your spirit. I want to help you achieve that with the tools and techniques I've learned for integrative healing in your world. You improve your health and you improve every other area of your life as well!

    (12) 30 min Personal Coaching Sessions and much, much more!

    90 Day Commitment is required!

    One on One Coaching Available only in the NJ, NY & DMV Area


    The Secret to Fat-Loss is no longer a Secret

    So that's a Daily Suggested Low Impact Exercise Program and Daily Fat-Burning Meal Plan, Natural and Organic Weight-Loss Products, Mentorship and so much more!

    The Secret to Fat-Loss is no longer a Secret

    Let's Connect ASAP - I can't wait to share it with you!

    You can get paid to lose weight with me - Lose Weight, Get Paid & Feel Great!

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  • Freedom & Wealth Path

    You deserve the Time and Creative FREEDOM to manifest demonstrations of Your Highest & Best Life in your own natural energy yield - It's your birthright!

    I travel the world learning Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, Relationship Building, Health Maintenance, Weight Management and Online Business Building Concepts...all while creating Residual Income Streams that will pay me for life.

    If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. - Warren Buffett

    Replace your current regularly used products with products from PurelyWakaya.com along with My Instant Health & Money Integration System...Integration Perfected! - Get Paid to use and market your own products...its unheard of!

    Money = My Own Natural Energy Yield

    Laptop Lifestyle Coaching

    I found a way to get paid to market my brand, services, and products as a blogger...I want to create as many millionaires as I possibly can while I'm Building My Billionaire Empire...Integration Perfected! Detox, Get Paid & Feel Great!

    High Impact Lifestyle Training

    Learn How to Implement The Plan for a Grand System we use in The Billionaire Club along with my EFT for Wealth Program to achieve $1K a day in income every day, no matter what...


    ​​Hodler Game Mentorship

    • Cryptocurrency Portfolio Building Mentorship
    • Be Your Own Online Bank Mentorship

    Learn how to generate income quickly from blogging on your own social media platforms and get paid to market your brand, services, and products by entering the Crypto World and learning how to purchase and experience just about everything you do with fiat currency (cash)!

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  • I'm a longtime member of The (BCG)Billionaire Club Global

    Founded August 2016

    Since joining the Billionaire Club Global, when it began in August 2016 and then known as the Millionaire Club, I manifested time and creativity freedom by sticking to the system we use and staying the course. I was able to quit my job, fire my boss and begin a spiritual journal on wealth creation from the inside out and I get to help others do the same.

    Now I am a published Author and I'm My Own Online Boss and Bank.

  • Connect with me asap...I'll share with you the exact altcoins & tokens I'm #hodling to create a wealthy and financially secure future

    In Cryptography We Trust

    I'm using Cryptocurrency to create additional wealth income...

    Every week I travel from NJ to Washington, DC for a Crypto & Spirituality Integration Meetup at the MCG Headquarters...I usually get a room in the area overnight and connect with other members in MCG and friends in the area...

    Get Cryptocrazed with my Beginner Crypto Portfolio Building Coaching - Free Offer